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School Visit - Outline of Day


Sorry, school visits to the Eceni study centre are no longer possible. see home page and the the new pastalive site

Arrive on site, deposit lunch boxes.

Meet the animals, a look at site rules and hygiene.

All together - introductory site tour. Getting up in the morning;lighting a fire without matches.

Divide into Boys and Girls groups; Womens work - offering to the Gods, housework, looking after the baby, milling flour, spinning and weaving. Mens work -offerings to the Gods, gathering and sorting firewood, wattling walls, animal husbandry. [Tasks may vary with the seasons].

Thanking the Gods before lunch, Antiseptic hand cleaning before Lunch Time.

The whole group together again to practice defending the village from wild animals or enemy warriors. Weapons drill, handling real weapons - sword, shield, spear,. helmets.

Dressing up a girl and a boy, Spear and rock throwing from the ramparts.

Thanking the Gods.

Summing up and over view of the day. Hand washing and toilets.



School Visit 1

School Visit 2

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School Visit

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