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Permaculture is nothing new.

2,000 years ago, the Eceni knew that nature is bountiful. Living in a 'wasteless society', even the smoke from their fire was re-cycled. As you view our galleries, keep an eye open for the many ways we have re-cycled modern waste materials.

Our conjectural reconstruction of an Eceni village is designed with permaculture in mind.

Our Eceni ancestors had vast woodlands and heathlands to draw on for building materials. We no longer have that option.

We modern Eceni see a wasteful world as many opportunities for re-cycling. We are building our village on re-claimed land, once Wells rubbish tip - the Midden!

Permaculture requires a re-appraisal of the environment and its needs.

To impose monoculture upon the environment in which you live is courting disaster. If you look on google earth you will see that we are surrounded by monoculture on a vast scale.

The Gods are watching


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