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Local Gods


Focus For The Local God The God Belen, The God Of Shepherds (Beltaine) Sun Wheel is the symbol of War God Taranis, The Thunderer Lug the Shining One Lug the Gaurdian Lug Arrayed in Wolf Skin Pectoral the Collar of Judgement Lug Crowned With Oak Leaves Lug From Temple Temple Spring Goddess

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To the Eceni the whole world was a sentient being, every rock, plant, creature, spring or even a cloud had meaning.

The Gods work mysteriously through the natural world.

Ordinary mortals find it very difficult to understand the divine reasoning. Because of this, specialist priests having studied for twenty five years seek to interpret the will of the Gods.

Although there were trends in Celtic Religion, Gods were often very localized. The four important festivals were Samain the Celtic New Year, Imbolc the first Lambs appear, Beltaine the flocks and herds are driven out to summer pastures, Lugnassa the Harvest Festival.

The Gods were every where, always watching, even in your heart, listen quietly and try to understand their plan.











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